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Since, Jesus wrapped deep truths about the Kingdom of God in story, Julie compiled the best stories from 25 years of her articles, devotionals, essays and short fiction. She’s chosen these pearls from her story treasure chest, because they package observations from the lives of saints and sinners to invite you into relationship with Christ, the Pearl of Greatest Price. Available in eBook, WordSearch Bible formats.
Prayer is more than requests. It isn’t about getting the answers we want. Actually, it isn’t about us. Prayer is about relationship between Almighty God and you. Praying Like Jesus introduces you to prayer from the close-up perspective of God the Son. Savor this dynamic study of 52 ways Jesus prayed for you one chapter at a time or one a week for a year.
Updated Edition with
9-session study guide
What's in a name? In this look at 52 Names of Women of the Bible (one a week for a year), Julie shows that God’s work through women is worthy of celebration. Learn about the familiar and the obscure—Eve to Huldah, Hanna to Vashti. Excellent for devotions, topical or group study. Ideal for promo giveaways!
Updated Edition with
9-session study guide
Have you ever found yourself in a moral dilemma at work? Staying True in a World of Lies is a timely, practical resource filled with stories of real people that will reinforce your commitment to Christlikeness every day.
Updated Edition with
12-session study guide
If balancing the lives of your family, your work, your church, and your community is leaving you breathless and overwhelmed … There is Hope! Right Here and Right Now! In Conquering the Time Factor, Julie blasts the myths that keep you from making the most of the moments God has entrusted to you.
Updated Edition with
12-session study guide
Who Cares For Exhausted Caregivers? In the e-pages of Pressed into Care, you’ll be encouraged and re-energized. Enjoy these thirty impassioned, daily readings that address the divergent emotions you’ll experience while caring for those you love as they move through the stages of aging. Julie is intent on building you up, because she's lived the fact that caregivers of others may be the last ones to care for themselves. Each entry features true-to-life content that’s equal parts heaven’s truth and earth’s grit. Julie writes out of her deepest heart—in the hopes that in being transparent, she’ll have the privilege of reaching your heart with the comforts and the challenges she’s received. Now, then, let’s get real about what happens when we get Pressed Into Care for our aging loved ones. You’ll come away from each session refreshed and energized for another day of compassionate caregiving.

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Be strong and immovable. Always work enthusiastically for the Lord, for you know that nothing you do for the Lord is ever useless.–1 Corinthians 15:58 NLT
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If you're a caregiver, you need this heartfelt, journalistic and groundbreaking book filled with emotion and right-where-you-live counsel for caregivers of elder loved ones. It's written by noted author Julie-Allyson Ieron, who has been (and continues to be) a caregiver for her aging parents.

It is real. Sometimes poignant. Sometimes gut-wrenching. Sometimes messy. Always challenging. This is a book about changing roles. It is the combined stories of dozens of grown children and how they learned to recognize and cope with the shift from taker to giver, from child of their parents to caretakers of those same people who nurtured them in their early lives. This edition contains updated resources.
It's an imaginative tale of what might have been ... In And There Were in That Same Country, let Julie's vivid creativity transport you into the place and time when God was preparing individuals for an announcement of earth-shattering consequence. Enjoy this beautiful, four-color tale of memorable individuals who had no earthly idea their lives would one day intersect the King of kings.

Great to share with family in devotional times during the Christmas or Easter seasons. Its study questions make it a perfect tool to equip you to maintain a family tradition of talking about the faith as you walk along life’s path (Deuteronomy 6:6-7).
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Julie didn't think anything of her symptoms at first. Until trouble blindsided her. Trouble with a capital "C" for Cancer. Through months of treatment, Julie and her mom saw the life lessons Jesus offered in the Upper Room come alive. This is a story and a study. As you're swept away by Julie's emotive storytelling, you'll discover how His action plan can make you unshakeable.
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