Sisters in the Bible:
Celebrate Relationships.
Experience God's Power.

Nothing is stronger than the bond of sisterhood. God designed His creation so no one has to walk life’s road alone. Sisters lift each other up. In this study, meet eight sets of Bible sisters—by blood, marriage, or faith—who illustrate the joys and challenges of true companionship. Thrive together with your own sisterhood as you dig into these poignant stories of life and faith.
Transformed Women in the Bible
Explore Real-life Issues.
Experience Real Life Change.

A moment with Jesus will change you forever! Because Jesus valued women—He talked with them, listened to what they had to say, saw into their hearts, met their deepest needs. And He’s still about the same business in women’s lives today. As you dig into His interactions with New Testament women, you’ll experience the transforming touch of God’s love—until your everyday life sparkles with fresh hope and overflowing joy.

Bible Studies
for Women
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Be strong and immovable. Always work enthusiastically for the Lord, for you know that nothing you do for the Lord is ever useless.–1 Corinthians 15:58 NLT

Print Books with Study Guides Included
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Bible Software with 9 months of studies included

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Suitable for small group, family, or individuals, this Grief study guide is rooted and grounded in biblical truth. Julie created its heartfelt content in the midst of her own grief, to sooth and salve hurting hearts.
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Courageous Women in the Bible
Step Out in Faith.
Live Life With Purpose.

Throughout history, the courageous actions of ordinary women have inspired kings, warriors, entire nations. Courage, after all, changes the world. In this volume, study the lives of eight Bible women—and eight more modern-day women—who courageously followed God’s calling despite the cost, despite human logic, and despite imminent danger. As you study and grow together with other sisters in Christ, you, too, will be empowered—and your world will never be the same.