Be strong and immovable. Always work enthusiastically for the Lord, for you know that nothing you do for the Lord is ever useless.–1 Corinthians 15:58 NLT

Keynote Presentations

Breakout and Small-Group Sessions
Opening the Word for Readers ...
Get energized to take the Word to the new generation—using amazing new technologies to research and disseminate your message.

A Writer’s Inner Life
Julie adapts lessons from Bible prayers that enhance the writer’s inner life. Sessions include: Praying with the Psalmists; Praying with Paul; Praying with the Prophets. It's a quick jump, then, from practicing this method of prayer to finding the plans God has for your writing mission.

How Books Can Carry God’s Blessing
God’s blessing is supernatural. There are moments when He takes our efforts, breathes eternity into them, and accomplishes His purposes through them. Explore these moments with Julie—and learn to capture them in your writing life.

The Craft of Writing
Looking to the example of a craftsman, this biblically based motivational presentation encourages writers to approach their craft with the tender loving care of a master artisan.

After the Conference … Now What?
You feel like you’ve been careening down the highway at 85 MPH with the stereo blaring. That’s normal after a jam-packed conference. Let’s take a moment to create a plan for making the most of what you’ve experienced.
Publishing in the eBook Era
Navigate the split-second-changing world of electronic publishing. Learn the lingo. Adapt to new formats. Reach new audiences with the never-changing message God entrusted to you.

Corralling Fiction Techniques for Nonfiction
Julie teaches the tricks and techniques of adapting a novelist’s pen to nonfiction articles, devotionals,
books, and presentations.

Crafting a Book for Your Message

Everybody thinks you should write a book. But where do you begin? This hands-on session examines the process of creating a sellable nonfiction book. You'll need two P’s. 1) clear purpose and 2) high-quality product. We’ll help clarify your message (purpose) and package it into a book (product).

Marketing and Publicizing Your Latest Project
Your publisher can only take a book so far. It’s your job to take your message to the public. Discover tips for hooking media interviews, speaking in sound bites, and enticing stores to display your book.

Polishing Your Writing
This course offers light-hearted reminders to ‘write tight’ and ‘write sharp.’ Julie challenges writers to go to the well for new ideas and demonstrates several ways to refine those ideas into golden story opportunities.
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