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 Living for Christ - Always Vibrant - Never Ordinary

If You Could Ask God Anything
Up to four parts of 30 minutes each or in a 30-, 60-, or 90-minute single presentation
If you had the privilege of asking God one question, what would it be? Julie poses four questions to God that affect the direction of real life in the 21st century. Then, she draws from God's Word answers that challenge and satisfy. In this creative, vibrant series, discover where to go to find answers to your heart-deep questions.

Return to Your First Love
45-60 minutes or retreat length
The biggie, in God's eyes isn't what we do for Him, or what we say about Him, or even what we think about Him or others—it's all about whether we love Him with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. This gripping and challenging presentation examines what loving God looks like in real life today.

Dig Into the Word ... For Yourself
45-60 minutes or retreat length
Take a trip into the Word using some of the latest Bible reference library tools. See how modern research techniques can make the Word come alive for you, bringing together parallel translations, devotionals, cultural background, commentaries, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and so much more. Deep, well-supported Bible study isn’t just for preachers. It's for YOU!

Caring for the Caregiver
45-60 minutes or retreat length
Many of those you pass every day—maybe even you—are silently caring for ailing or aging relatives. The desperate need of these caregivers is for refreshment and encouragement—for something you can offer. Learn simple-yet-tangible ways you can be the one who holds up the arms of those caring for ailing loved ones—and if you're the caregiver, learn to ask for and use this respite help.

Praying Like Jesus
45-60 minutes, up to 5 retreat keynote sessions or ABF sessions
Prayer can be enlivening, exciting, and enriching when we follow Jesus’ example in pouring our hearts out before God. We’ll learn to address God as Jesus did and to listen for His direction before we act in obedience.

Staying True in a World of Lies
45-60 minutes, up to 5 retreat keynote sessions or ABF sessions
In a world where truth is laughed out of the arenas of public discourse, Christ calls His followers to a counter-cultural lifestyle—one of integrity, reflecting Him as The Truth. Examine that life with Julie, as she draws from the pages of the Word.

Bible-based Conference Presentations

for Groups of All Ages

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