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 Living for Christ - Always Vibrant - Never Ordinary

Sisterhood Series

The Families of Christmas
(Not the Ones You Think!)

Up to five parts of 30 minutes each or in 30- 60- or 90-minute single presentation, optional drama included

Great for all age groups; Appropriate for outreach events November through December

The many families involved in bringing the first Christmas to pass look a lot like the families we’d like to become—people of courage, of conviction, of faith. So, step into the manger-world for a few brief moments, and get to know a few of the real people who lived the greatest event of human history.

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Transformed Women in the Bible
45-60 minutes or retreat length

They contributed their personal finances to His ministry. They followed Him wherever He went. They served Him. They stood by Him, even at His cross. Mary Magdalene, Martha and her sister Mary, Suzanna, and others walked with Jesus. We’ll walk in their shoes.

Courageous Women in the Bible
45-60 minutes; adaptable for mixed groups, teens, or young adults

Everyone seems to hold an opinion on the choices we must make. But as followers of Jesus, we answer to a Higher Authority. Follow the example of courageous women who learned through the tough times to take God’s opinion into account in life’s most momentous—and daily—decisions.

Sisters in the Bible
45-60 minutes or retreat length

History may or may not have recorded their names, but these sisters from the pages of the Bible leave a lasting testimony of excellence, of companionship, and of joy that applies as much to twenty-first century life as it did two millennia ago.