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 Living for Christ - Always Vibrant - Never Ordinary

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Essays, articles & devotions from 25 years of writing about God’s Kingdom

Jesus wrapped deep truths about the Kingdom of God in story. So, Julie-Allyson Ieron offers this compilation of the best stories from 25 years of her articles, devotionals, essays and short fiction. She’s chosen these pearls from her story treasure chest, because they package observations from the lives of saints and sinners to invite you into relationship with Christ, the Pearl of Greatest Price. Available only in electronic formats: eBook, WordSearch Bible.


Prayer is more—much more—than a list of requests. It isn’t about getting the answers we want when we want them. Actually, it isn’t about us. Prayer is about relationship with Almighty God. Praying Like Jesus introduces you to prayer from a close-up perspective—that of God the Son. This dynamic study of 52 ways Jesus prayed for you will challenge your heart to come into contact with the Heart that beats to intercede for you. Savor one chapter at a time or one each week for a year. Dig in for yourself with the 9-session Bible study included in this eBook package.


What’s in a name? Quite a bit of significance, especially for women of the Bible. Enjoy this newly updated edition of the beloved devotional and a bonus
9-session Bible study guide (included) of how God interacted with 52 women from Bible days, through their names and their life-circumstances. Enjoy snippets from their lives alongside stories of contemporary women who face similar life challenges. Allow their choices—for good or for bad—to initiate a rich time of reflection between you and your Lord.

Practical Models of Integrity for the Workplace and Beyond

Have you ever found yourself in a moral dilemma that tested your resolve and challenged your integrity. Staying True in a World of Lies looks at integrity as the unification of thoughts, words, and actions. It is a timely, practical resource filled with stories of real people that will reinforce your commitment to Christlikeness—and energize you for the long haul. Then, rebuild your life around God's character expectations using the 12-session study guide (included).

599 ea

CONQUERING THE TIME FACTOR: 12 Myths that Steal Life's Precious Moments

If balancing the lives of your family members and your work responsibilities and your church commitments and your community involvement is leaving you breathless and overwhelmed … There is Hope! Right Here and Right Now! Julie-Allyson Ieron blasts the myths that are keeping you from making the most of the moments, hours, days, and years God has entrusted to you. Then, make this material your own by using the 12-session Bible study (included).