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 Living for Christ - Always Vibrant - Never Ordinary

Each of these audio books, featuring unabridged text read by the author, contains hours of content-rich listening to Julie's practical, Bible-based teaching, real-world observations, stories, and prayers.

Available for $10 each, these CDs are MP3 formatted to play in most computers, personal digital players (iPods), and many CD players.

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Prayer is more—much more—than a laundry list of requests. It isn’t about getting the answers we want just when we want them. Actually, it isn’t about us, at all. Prayer is about relationship between Almighty God and you. Praying Like Jesus introduces you to prayer from a close-up perspective—that of God the Son. This dynamic study of 52 ways Jesus prayed for you will challenge your heart to come into contact with the Heart that beats to intercede for you. Savor one chapter at a time or one each week for a year.

Struggling to fit your daily schedule into just 24 hours? Conquering the Time Factor gives a biblically based answer that will help you make guilt-free choices about how to use the time God sets before you. It is packed with true-life anecdotes, biblical foundations, time-saving tips, practical challenges, and advice you’ll actually use.

Praying Like Jesus Audio Book

5½ hours of listening

Conquering the Time Factor Audio Book

3+ hours of listening

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